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Oppo smartphones have gained its position among different brands in the global market by providing stylish and functional features to its users. The company claims that it has created the world’s first dual screen smartphone. The Oppo Rehiba launched in Japan on the 3rd July this year along with an interesting price tag of the device. In this article, we will be seeing the features of the handset and its prices. oppo reno6 5g

On the external appearance of the Oppo Rehiba, it looks very much like the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc. This handset comes with an easy to grip surface with an aluminium frame and is available with a two-tone colour scheme. The phone is equipped with a large dual touch screen of 6.5 inches which is capacitive type. The smartphone is fully integrated with a large flat screen of 3900 mah memory chips. The screen density is 401 PPI and the resolution of the screen is therefore 1080 x 2420 pixels. The internal storage capacity of the handset is also present in the low state, but it is capable of giving more storage capacity as per the requirement.

The main features of the Oppo Rehiba are a dual camera module, micro-SD slot, dual LED, Bluetooth and GPS receiver. There is no direct voice calling feature available in this handset and the text messaging option of this handset is poor. However, the camera module of this handset is excellent with some amazing features like anti-shake, pan & tilt, and image stabilization. Other features present in the Oppo Rehiba include USB adapter, FM radio, MMS, and fast charging support.

With a design similar to that of a phone of higher end competition, the Oppo reno6 5g is definitely one of the best selling handsets of all time. This is due to its high quality build, which makes it look impressive. A text review of this device has revealed that the phone does not impress the user with its looks. Though it comes with a large dual HD camera with lenses of varying size, it lacks in terms of image-processing power. However, this aspect is taken care of with the support for the fast charging feature present in this handset.

In terms of user interface, this smartphone does not have as many advanced options as its competitors. The keyboard of this device is smooth to use and is responsive enough to provide a user friendly experience. There are a couple of options available with this handset like auto-lock, which prevents the screen from being dimmed when it goes into sleep mode. One of the worst features present on this handset is its lack of RAM. It has been estimated by most users that an average consumer would be able to handle up to two or three calls simultaneously without any problems.

Overall, the Oppo reno 6 is one of the best mobiles available in the market today. Though it may cost a bit more than its contemporaries, it delivers an experience of great value for money. If you are looking for a phone which can cater to all your needs from text messaging to fast charging, the Oppo Reactor is certainly one of the phones to consider. To make your search for the best mobile phone a lot easier, one would do well to access an unbiased review of this handset on the internet. An authentic review – however, can help you understand the pros and cons better than the manufacturer’s own words. To get all the important information about this amazing mobile phone, log on to the online mobile review websites and get an insight of this amazing device.

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